2013 NSBIA Membership List

James and Betsy Alvord
Paul and Marsha Ames
Maureen Lavin Arcand
Lisa Armstrong
Dennis Balog and Bob Demers
Bill Bannick
Amy and John Baron
Paul and Jean Barringer
John and Melissa Barry
Dave and Sue Beldotti
David and Ellen Bernardi
Bruce and Becky Bird
Joan Blanchard
Andre Blanchet
Faith Bowker Maloney
Leslie and Steve Brigham
Rosemary Brown
Bill Brown
Walter and Toonie Bukawyn
Jeff and Mary Ann Burek
Kevin and Mary Callahan
Frank and Chris Camacho
Jim and Karen Canfield
Charlie and Judy Cangemi
Gary and Joan Carlo
Dennis and Andrea Carson
David Caruso
William and Elizabeth Carven
George and Sheila Casey
John and Jennifer Casey
Tim Casey
Alan and Caroline Cassidy
Rick and Andrea Coan
Lauren Cochran and Steve Parker
Frank and SallyConahan
David and Rana Condon
Paul and Suzanne Coneys
Kathy Connolly
Betsy Cotter
Jack and Alyssa Creedon
Brian and Susan Cronin
Kevin and Patty Curtin
Chris and Janet Daly
Gael Daly
Bob and Barbara Davenport
Brian Davidson
Janey Davidson
Shirley Davidson
Ed and Jeannine DeLano
Doug and Leslie Dienel
Pat Dieselman
Dennis Dilley
Tommy and Janice DiPesa
William and Mary Jane DiPesa
Dan Doherty
Nancie Donelan
Matt and Janet Donelan
David and Jennifer Donovan
Joe and Kristi Donovan
Margaret Doran
Barry and Kathy Driscoll
Bob and Diane Dufault
Joe and Kathy Egan
Jim and Cathy Everett
Mike and Kim Ewanouski
Peter and Ellen Fallon
Rob and Laureen Favre
John and Amy Ferrie
Florita Field
Paul Fitzgerald
Rick and Andrea Flynn
Jack and Cathy Foley
Tim and Laura Fox
Paul and Nancy Gauron
John and Lee Glancy
Fred Good
Summer Good
Ted and Gail Goode
Ellen Grandfield
Robert and Karen Grant
Jackie Haley
Sarah Hanely and Malcolm Rohrbough
Mianne Hanley and Bill Murphy
Bruce and Beth Heller
Bill and Sandy Henneberry
Garry and Sharon Hennessy
Garrett and Jessica Hennessy
David and Evelyn Henry
Jim and Cathy Higgins
Tom and Mary Ellen Higgins
Jim and Cathy Higgins
Tim and Susan Horigan
Scott and Edwige Horton
Dick and Pat Hughes
Jean Jones
Joe and Titine Joyce
Mary Joyce
Kevin and Laurie Kane
Kent and Maurenn Karlberg
Bill and Ann Kelly
Peter and Beth Kerner
Richard and Millie Kerrigan
Eric and Linda Kluz
Fred and Paula Knier
John and Nancy LaPann
Charles and Teresa Leahy
David and Barbara Leahy
Austin and Leslie Lenhart
Carol Lipsky
Kristin Litchfield
Marc and Emily Loverin
Terry and Jane Lynn
Michael and April Lynn
Ellen Mackenzie
Mark and Ann Madden
Greg and Leslie Malerbi
Peter and Maureen Marcello
Brad and Jennifer Masuret
Gerald Mazzenga
Domenic and Jill Mazzocco
Pat McCarthy
Greg and Sheila McCourt
Charlie McNamara
Tom and Maureen McNulty
Tom and Margie McShane
Greg Meallo
Karl and Elaine Miller
Betsy Mitchell
Richard and Carol Mitchell
Don and Malvika Mitchell
Tom and Inez Moore
Ed and Leanne Moore
Roger Morton
Carol Mott
Joan Mulcahy
Brian and Julie Mulvey
Brian and Jen Murphy
Joe and Roberta Murphy
Elaine Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Monte and Jackie Newman
Natalie Norton
Steven Nothern
Margaret O'Brien
Tom and Diane O'Brien
Regina O'Brien
Vinnie and Mary Anne O'Brien
Jim and Christine O'Shaughnessy
Anne Osterholm
John and Jennifer Palmer
Teresa Palumbo
Dick and Dina Peinart
John Peters
Peter and Suzie Powell
Charlie and June Powers
Christian and Kristen Putnam
Vinnie and Joanine Quealy
Ralph and Annette Radzevich
Edo Ramsay
Jim and Shantelle Reidy
Len and Suzanne Rubenstein
Joe and Karen Sammartino
Robert Shea
Lee Slattery
Matthew and Charlotte Spicer
Keith and Brenda Sportack
Jean Stanley
Troj and Linda Starmer
David and Abigail Sullivan
Mike and Margie Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan
Jim and Kelley Sullivan
Elaine Tedeschi
Diane Thompson
Alex and Kathleen Thomson
Ted and Shannon Tobin
Ed and Joan Toomey
Robert and Carol Trembley
John and Pat Turner
Brian and Kathy Tyler
Chris & Susan Walker
John Walker
Ray and Sandy Walters
William Waters
Alice Weafer
Jane Welch
John and Paula White
Ellen White
Michael and Sara Whitworth
Ralph and Barbara Wiechert
Lois Wigmore
Gerry and Kathy Williams
Richard and Bridget Woodland