Beach Testing Results from July 18, 2017

Egypt Beach – less than 10

Humarock Beach – less than 10

Lighthouse Beach – less than 10

Minot Beach – less than 10

Peggotty Beach – less than 10

Sand Hills Beach – less than 10


Under Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations for beaches, beach operators must sample bathing water at all public beaches for bacteria each week, using the Enterococcus indicator organism. Under that regulation, beach sampling is conducted weekly during the swim season, which is between the third week of June and Labor Day. The six beaches that are sampled include Humarock, Peggotty, Sand Hills, Egypt, Lighthouse and Minot. Test results cannot exceed a specified number of bacteria colonies per 100 mL sample of water. The maximum contaminant level is 104 Enterococci/100 mL of ocean water. If the results exceed 104 Enterococci/100 mL of ocean water, the beach must be closed to swimming after two consecutive unsatisfactory samples have been collected or if sampling cannot occur on the day following a single elevated level is detected.


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